Happy Healthy Holidays 

Did you know that the average human gains 10 pounds during the holiday months?!

If we can get through by maintaining where we are now, we are winning!!

MAINTAIN = Eating healthy foods, moving your body with daily exercise all WHILE enjoying the holidays.

Interested in joining with our Showdown 2021? 
  • Committing to goals by discovering your WHY.

  • How to prep yourself for your new lifestyle change. 

  • Overcoming + Understanding Sugar Cravings.

  • Why and how to lean on a community when you are making changes in your life. 

  • Lack of Self-Discipline when it comes to eating.

  • Removing the STRESS from eating.

  • How to Meal Prep in a way that works for you and your family. It does not have to be a BIG to-do! 

  • What to grab for when you feel like you just need something to snack on and get you through the afternoon.

  • The MINDSET shift needed to make healthier decisions your DEFAULT. 


The Impact Society will support you in looking at your life with NEW EYES!  

Because getting FIT is much more than your physical body. It's about your mental, emotional and spiritual wellness too! Inside the Impact Society we cover more than just staying accountable to moving your body or eating right. We talk about mindset and positivity, your feelings and behaviors that create habits, the real reasons we make the choices we make that have gotten us to our current situation. 

Let's Talk  About Food! 

Nutrition is the BIGGEST part of the health equation and the thing that most people struggle with even more than moving their bodies.

You’ve heard about and maybe even tried all of the diets out there and maybe you’re throwing your hands up cause you just don’t know what’s best with so much conflicting information.

Paleo, Keto, Carb Cycling, Atkins, juice cleanses, fasting..... a lot of these can get results and some can get results quick!

But if you can’t eat that way for the rest of your life, is it really how you wanna be eating?

That’s why I’m so passionate about healthy sustainable nutrition!

And while the Impact Society is not all about getting ripped abs, melting those extra pounds and seeing those muscles come through is a nice bonus of what can happen when you fuel your body in the right way all the while making an Impact on our lives. 

I know changing your diet is not always easy to stick with long term, but it’s SO worth it.

When you can learn and teach yourself how to choose the RIGHT foods for YOUR body, so much changes!

Your mental fog lifts, you gain energy, you have more focus, you lose the bloat and inflammation, your confidence increases and you feel so empowered.

And that is why we focus so much on nutrition within the Society!

Let's Talk About Details! 

More About Me...

I'm a mom of 2 (with baby 3 on the way!), so I know first hand how hard it can be to make time for yourself. It can feel overwhelming and stressful - and the thought of making some changes seems distant and unrealistic.  

But, I know deep down you feel that you are worth it and deserve that time for you! And the truth is, your entire family benefits when mom takes care of herself!  

Ove the years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with women around the world, helping them grow in every area of their life. I've heard all the struggles, the fears, the failures, the frustrations and the self destruction.  

But even more so, I've heard about the wins, the triumphs, the goals hit, the new habits formed and have been able to witness the transformation that takes place when we get intentional about how we spend our days.  

That's why I do what I do. To help women like you become empowered to lose the weight and keep it off. You CAN create a lifestyle that works for you and your family and I'm here to mentor and guide you through that learning process! 

And my journey....

Growing up, I was always an athlete so staying active and in shape wasn’t something I even thought twice about. I could eat anything and developed some pretty strong emotional connections to food. After a game, we’d head to Dairy Queen for a blizzard. On pool days, we’d load up our bag with Doritos, Oreos, and M&Ms before heading to soak up some vitamin D. When we’d get together to girl night, we’d throw our favorite goodie mix in a bowl to munch on them entire night - nibs, milk duds, sour patch kids, nuts, chocolate covered raisins, junior mints……. you get the point. And by the end of the night, my belly would be sore from all the laughs (YAY!) and sick from all the candy! (NAY!) So it became ingrained in me that fun times and good memories were built around food - and most times the naughty foods that didn’t make me feel very good! 

Once I was done playing basketball in college, I still had those same eating habits and emotional ties to unhealthy foods but I wasn’t moving my body and I was really starting to feel like crud. After I had my first baby, I was determined to lose the baby weight and feel confident again! I grabbed a workout DVD I could do from home off an infomercial and started making changes with my nutrition and I felt amazing! I stayed on track for a few months and then life just kinda ‘happened’! You know how it always does! So workouts stopped happening and I reverted back to my old ways in the kitchen - grabbing foods that were convenient and eating my emotions.



Fast forward a couple years and I had my 2nd baby - felt like total crap and knew something needed to change….again. I was running my own business so time was not something I had much of. But my patience was wearing thin and mom life was kicking my booty! I turned to what I knew had worked before. I dusted off those DVDs, started working out again, and started making simple swaps in the kitchen that helped me lose the baby weight a 2nd time and create new habits that were actually sustainable.

I didn’t go from 0-60 overnight when it came to creating a healthier lifestyle. We made little changes gradually and ended up falling in love with the process of it all! Now when my family comes to visit, we still enjoy some treats but center the majority of our meals around foods that leave us feeling energized instead of bloated and stuffed.  There’s nothing better than getting sharing all this with my favorite humans! 

Pretty soon, the changes become your new normal and that is such a beautiful thing! It’s no longer an internal battle every time you open the fridge or think about working out - fueling your body right becomes a habit just like moving your body does! 

Invest In you! 

Investment to join ranges from $150 - $300, depending on your needs and goals. 

Please do not apply if you are not ready to commit to yourself. This will take effort and there will be days of struggle. That's why it's so important to have a mentor (me) and a supportive environment to thrive in! Plus, your body, mind and spirit will thank you for the love and self-care it's been craving!

I am 150% committed to the women I work with, and I expect nothing less in return.✨

If you haven’t had success in the past it’s cause you haven’t done THIS yet with me! 

Are you ready to take your last before pic?!?