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"That dark cave you fear the most Is the exact one you are to enter."

My first 3 days in this business  I didn't even have the product on hand and was on a mission because we needed the money. I thought it's FREE and what if it gives me some extra cash, no big deal.  So I used post and words from my friend who had been with TOPANGA for a year and went to work!


Then I used them —WOW! I was hooked. I knew what was before me and how so many could use this opportunity right now all by sharing products that we use on a basis to wash our clothes.... I saw the bigger picture. It was was my new mission! 

I had been praying for this and didn't even know it.

I was given  samples becasue I wasn't spending any more money on a business. COVID had hit our finances hard and we needed an answer. I had zero interest in doing anything else with it other then this private group. Ever. This one decision, though totally accidental, set in motion a whole new profession and lifestyle for a stay at home mom that just didn’t want to struggle financially anymore. Who would of thought it would change my laundry game forever!​ I didn’t have anything going for me. I had no skills that equated to this online business world or cared enough about laundry what-so-ever. I wasn’t confident in my skills in this area, like at all, and I hadn’t really even cared to learn at all, like no desire to. I was terrified of talking to people about a laundry detergent and paralyzed at the idea of selling anything else.

I had no clue!

The truth is I had no idea what was going to happen in those 6 days because I was entering an industry I had no clue about and would anyone listen to someone like me.

If I could give you one piece of rock-solid advice, you can learn anything with a drive and desire.

You want a business to call your own and you want to build something the impacts others and helps change lives. We are all given the exact same opportunity — what we are taught to do with it makes all the difference. ​

    In this noisy world,




    over complacency


    over competition


    over worry


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