My Story

"That dark cave you fear the most Is the exact one you are to enter."

My first MONAT products were half-used hand me downs from my sister. I thought, just another hair brand with empty promises (for probably waaay too much). So they sat on the shower shelf for two whole weeks. 


Then I used them —WOW! I researched the brand. I met women who were supporting their families by simply sharing these products. Products that I was already telling my friends about.... I saw the bigger picture. It was EPIC!!! #HairGains #HairBoss #FamilyFirst"

I was too close minded

I was given a half used bottle of the volume system to try because I was to closed minded to sign up as a VIP let pay full retail price. I had zero interest in doing anything else with it. Ever. This one decision, though totally accidental, set in motion a whole new profession and lifestyle for an oily, dull hair, zero confidence stay at home mom that just didn’t want to look like she hasn't seen the light of day in months. ​ I didn’t have anything going for me. I had no skills that equated to this online business world or hair care what-so-ever. I wasn’t confident in my hair, like at all, and I hadn’t really even cared to learn at all, like no desire to. I was terrified of talking to people about hair and paralyzed at the idea of selling anything.

I had no clue!

The truth is I did have a tough road ahead of me because I was entering an industry I had no clue about and would anyone listen to someone like me.

If I could give you one piece of rock-solid advice, you can learn anything with a drive and desire You want a business to call your own and you want to build something the impacts others and helps change lives. We are all given the exact same opportunity — what we are taught to do with it makes all the difference. ​ ​

    In this noisy world,




    over complacency


    over competition


    over worry