My Story

"That dark cave you fear the most Is the exact one you are to enter."

I’m a small-town Oklahoma mom, building leaders, and educator with big dreams. Obsessed with: pickles, puppies, and yoga pants. I've been keepin' it real since 1982. 

I'm Tommie Nichole 

Hey Gorgeous!

I didn’t always have this desire: the team, the knowledge, the sales, the belief of I could do it...

In fact, just a few years ago you could have found me wearing yoga pants and a messy bun, exhausted in my stuffy windowless one room we were living in. I had no clue what had hit me and how I found myself right in the middle of this mess!

At the age of 32, I invested in myself and took a chance at change. Little did I know, that chance would be my one-way ticket out of my hell. That single investment led me to several failures that have landed me right here in the middle of my God-given dream, I’m running today. Today you can find me snugged up in my cozy 5-acres in Oklahoma with my two babes & one on the way.


I’m probably sipping coffee or a jalapeno margarita and dreaming of ways I can help other driven mommas grow profitable, passionate, authentic businesses that allow them to live more and work less.

Ya wanna know what lights me up? Making people feel, own, and celebrate their enough-ness and feel less alone… because sometimes this whole mom journey gets hella lonely and our only friends are called Ben + Jerry (and they conveniently come in the gallon size, Chunky Monkey anyone?) If I can be that permission granter in your life that whispers: “you really can do this” while the rest of the world is provoking doubt… then I’ll consider my job done. 

    In this noisy world,




    over complacency


    over competition


    over worry


 Get in touch with me any way you can. 

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