2021 Showdown - You're Final Weightloss Solution

Updated: Feb 1

Well, sister, I cannot believe that we are winding down 2020 and preparing for the new year! 2020, I think it's safe to say was a year that we don't even care to re-hash! It was full of curveballs and some amazing doors on my end – between launching into a laundry detergent side gig, and God opening my long-awaited door back into health and wellness. I can finally start working with new clients to help them reach their health and fitness goals, it has certainly been quite the year!!

I know that January is always the time that people set new fitness goals and I want to be there to help you out! I mean this is my heart core passion, and I have missed it so! In 2017 God told me to close the door to it and it was by far the hardest thing I EVER had to do! But I wanted his will more for my life than to try to do it all on my own.

So I am so beyond excited to announce that I am launching my comeback 2021 Showdown in January. I am going to help you with meal planning, motivation, and accountability so that you stick to your goals instead of giving up two weeks in because you are trying yet again to go at it alone, again. 2021 is going to be YOUR year and I want to help you succeed!

So here are your details for getting support throughout 2021 & How To Get Started:


1. Purchase one of the new MyQFIT Packs.

2. Join Our Community: The Impact Society

3. Write out your goals and send them to me!

4. Commit!

I know a lot of you are so sick of starting over with your health and fitness goals at the beginning of each year! Not to mention the exhaustion, the fatigue, tired of feeling less than because you are tired of battling the cycle, the emotions, and all the ick that comes with it! I am going to make sure that this year is the year you take back you and showdown. Maybe you’re stuck in a rut mentally, physically, or emotionally. Maybe you have 10 pounds to lose or maybe you have 100 pounds to lose. I am going to help you kickstart your year on the right foot!! We are going to work on setting small, achievable goals that will build up your overall health and fitness goals. And I will be in the trenches with you! ARE YOU READY??

In order to participate, you must be my customer....and I mean I'm fun, helpful, and holding you even more accountable than what you already get with the community and app! You can sign up for an account here. Then, I will help you get set up with the Pack for you that you are seriously going to love and get you all your needs to your final weight loss solution!

Fill out the 2021 Showdown Challenge Application here and I will reach out ASAP!

I'm so excited for you and to get to know you!! Girl 2021 is your year!


PS:: In the meantime here is a FREE Meal Plan that has helped me as a busy mom of 3 to stay on track with easy, yummy meal prep!