30 Second Eye Miracle. Break Up With Your Botox.

Updated: Mar 6

Monat 30 Second Miracle Instant Eye Perfector

The 30 Second Miracle Instant Eye Perfector is a fabulous temporary wrinkle fixer-upper!  It smooths the appearances of crow’s feet, fine lines and puffiness!  So let's get into the nitty gritty of what makes this product so amazing! 

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What it Targets

The 30 Second Miracle targets the following:

~Fine lines

~Crow’s feet


~Under eye bags

~Expression lines

~Forehead creases

~Enlarged pores

~Tired looking eye area

~Instant, long lasting results

The results are amazing and quite frankly mind blowing. Look below to see some before and after pictures!  Monat 30 Second Miracle Instant Protector is truly an amazing product!

The Results

Here are the results and what was reported from the clinical testing.

~Results can last for over 6 hours.  I don’t believe they lasted for more than 12.

~In less than 1 minute people saw reduction in puffiness under eyes (With FIRST use!)

~Per clinical testing 94% noticed a smoother skin texture (and I agree!)

~82% had  smoother forehead lines, minimized crow’s feet, eliminated lines between brows (and I agree!)

~85% noticed reduced appearance of dark circles and under eye puffiness (and I saw the same results!)

How Does it Work?

The three ingredients that make the 30 Second Miracle work so well are:

~Acetyl Hexapeptide-8: this is a powerful peptide that tightens and rebuilds while temporarily reducing the appearance of facial lines.

~White Lily Extract: White lily flower extracts are used in traditional phyto-therapy.  They assist in the tightening of the skin.

~Coffee Seed Extract:  This antioxidant-rich caffeine complex helps fight early signs of aging as it smooths, tones, energizes and de-puffs! 

It provides a lifted, well-rested effect that lasts for hours!

Monat’s Promise

Monat’s promise to their clientele is fabulous.  Not only do they have a 30 day (empty bottle) money back guarantee, but they also promise  all of this:


~Cruelty Free

~Allergy Tested

~Clinically Tested

~Dermatologist Approved

~Does not contain Parabens

~No Phthalates

And those promises apply to all Monat products.  From skin to hair, they have you covered!

How to Use 30 Second Miracle

Although you are the most beautiful from the inside and out, if you decide you want to look exceptional, 30 Second Miracle is for you!  Easy to apply with a finger tip, you only need a small amount!  Gently rub the product on any fine lines, wrinkles or under your eyes.  Make sure you skin is clean and dry before applying.  Let dry and watch the fabulous results!  Once it has dried apply your Monat moisturizer and make up as normal!


You can see from the video how easy the product is to apply.  And it does work!  Take a look at these before and after pictures!  I can’t get over the differences myself!  No photoshopping necessary once you have the 30 Second Miracle in your arsenal of beauty products!

And with a 30 day money back guarantee, it is a win-win!

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