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Updated: Jan 24

I would lay there staring at the ceiling, my mind racing wondering what the next day would bring.....

I could never just shut it off, my brain of course! It was like something you read out of a book, insomnia at it's finest! I would see water and in the water was reflections of all the things that were running through my mind. I really had tried so many things in the past that I had just grown accustomed to the lack of sleep and struggling through the day! Feeling exhausted, fog brain to the point I would forget things, put things in wrong places and not remember a convo I was having.

Until a long time follower, now a friend on Social Media bravely reached out to me and asked if I would take a look at her company. My first reaction, "umm, no I am good where I am!" But she kept sharing and talking about it and even sent me some product in the mail. One of them being.....


Let me elaborate...

The sleep spray provides a natural solution to help you quickly fall asleep and stay asleep so you can wake up refreshed. Q SLEEP contains all-natural ingredients, including melatonin, 5-HTP, and L-theanine, as well as a proprietary herbal extract, which synergistically promotes restful sleep and helps your mind and body rejuvenate.


  • Natural sleep support spray*

  • Helps your body and mind rejuvenate throughout the night*

  • Supports a healthy brain and nervous system*

  • Promotes healthy metabolic function*

  • Formulated with the highest quality natural ingredients*

  • Delivers maximum absorption and effectiveness*

I can share my testimony all day long but I want you to hear from some other's who have had performing results similar to mine:

In the past month, I've gone from all the Rx's in the "Before" picture, down to just two in the "After." I've managed to fix my issues with: Anxiety Depression Falling asleep and staying asleep Weight loss Inflammation Muscle aches and pain Improvement with long term stroke side effects Digestion and gut health Energy is through the roof! I used to literally fall asleep at my desk... I truly feel like a new person and haven't felt this good since I was a kid.
-Stephanie Renee Fortner

My 23-year-old daughter is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, depression, anxiety, cyclic vomiting syndrome, asthma and has other health issues. The last couple of years have been tough on her with many life changes. She recently started taking supplements from an awesome health and wealthness company that I am blessed to be part of. In a short time, I saw so many improvements in her attitude and her mood. I was once vibrant and excited again for the first time in two years. I was so happy to see these changes. She began a new job but after working for only one day, she came down with a very bad stomach virus. She couldn’t keep anything down, not even water, which caused her to miss her meds and supplements for five days due to the virus. The virus ended up sending her into a CVS (cyclic vomiting syndrome) episode, which led to dehydration and an ER visit to receive fluids. During the virus, she only slept a couple of hours a night. Since starting her meds and supplements again she (and me) has slept very little. My dear friend gave me a sample of Q rest from our company and she took some on Tuesday night. Upon waking up, her words to me were “that was the best sleep I’ve had in forever”. Rest is super important to our overall health and I am so thankful to find something that makes a big difference for my daughter! And makes me a happy mama! I love our company!!!
-Kristin Adams

Q sleep spray~~ My son has NEVER been a great sleeper!! He can fall asleep in seconds but STAYING asleep doesn’t happen. On average he wakes up 2-3 times in a night.... needless to say that WEARS A MOMMA OUT!! He is such a smart and active kiddo, he just can’t shut off his brain, leaving me at whits end a lot of nights. I tried QSleep due to the science backed and natural ingredients in it, plus it was not JUST melatonin. (I personally can’t take melatonin an have never given it to my son out of fear he would be the same.) Let me tell you what....this kid slept!!! He also WOKE up in the morning REFRESHED and happy! He loves the taste, and asks for it if I happen to forget!!
-Kodi L. Malnaa

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