Beginners Guide To A Building Social Selling Business

Updated: May 4

My goal is to share the daily disciplines and practices that I use both in my mindset and in my actions that helped get me to where I am today.

#1 At the start of your business you have to be willing to work a lot (take this in context because your a lot could be a lot different from mine) for a little so that in the future you can work a little for a lot.  Although, I love what I do so working to me is not working.  But, this is my choice and not something that has to be done.

I worked very hard to create my business from scratch, while my daughter napped or played.  I focused on the basic business building skills like connecting, building relationships, following up, adding to my contact list, growing my social media following, adding value and personal development.

 I lead by example and I am absolutely willing to fail forward and I am not afraid to make mistakes.  O trust, I have made plenty enough to go around for all of us! I definitely don’t have all the answers but I am very passionate about what I am called to do in this industry and be a leader to our team.

If you create momentum through social media, you build trust by showing up every single day and not just when business is good, but when business is challenging then you truly outlast the competition.  Work harder, but work smarter and realize as soon as you can when you are wasting time and when you are being productive.

Always go to bed at night and ask yourself if you WON THE DAY!  Could you have given it an ounce more?  Were you creative, were you boring, were you inspiring, were you coachable?

I do believe that some people have the “it” factor and others are not willing to face their fears so that their gifts can shine through! Each one of us has the ability to make an impact, but it comes down to the daily actions that determine whether or not success works in your favor.

Long before any of my success, I was in my home, at my kitchen table, laundry, and dishes all around WORKING out my daily to-do list.  Nothing glamorous, nothing pretty, just real life happening every single day! And might I add still to this day! I do it all!

So the question is this… are you willing to be disciplined enough in the right areas to produce the kind of results that YOU WANT for your LIFE?

If so… this is it, your sign, your time is now - a reminder, ya know all those sayings. Tell me more about you here and let's start today at building your dreams.

If this to you please comment below on what stuck out to you the most!  I love to hear back from you and your thoughts! Don’t be shy!

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