Busy Mom Builds A Business Even With Fear & Hesitation

Updated: Feb 3

Get ready, boo-boo. I’m about to ruffle some feathers.

Do you have a dream but feel like now it's been crushed? And not just by this WEIRD season but all the other mom things you can throw in the mix.

Yea, well I know how you feel! Trust!

I have spent a lot of time these past few weeks just reflecting on where I was just 2 years ago.  I can remember clear as day wondering where I went wrong, is this really my life.

Why am I still seeking something, in my 30's?

Why is that desire still lingering?

Why do I feel so alone?

I definitely had this preconceived notion that when you decide you want to be an entrepreneur, you put in some non-consistent effort, and bam your winning and living your best life! Well if that wasn't a slap in the face!

 I can honestly say that as much as I was happy to be a mom and have a beautiful little boy, little girl, and another one on the way, I was really going through an identity crisis. I couldn’t even look at social media without getting this huge sense of "why not me", jealousy and frustration that they were doing all the things I desired. I also battled feeling guilty for feeling that way too!  I mean who am I to be complaining about my life when I have my healthy happy kiddos and soon little blessings from God. It very much was an internal struggle for me.  

Sister, if your anything like me, the one thing I did learn about myself is that I am very much affected by my dreams and how they make me feel.  My mood, my confidence, and my energy are affected by how I feel on the inside. So when I would get into that scroll and start the comparison game it absolutely affected my ability to be a good mom and wife!  I have a feeling you might understand just how I felt?

I was on my knees just two months ago (August 2020) crying out to God! We need an answer, we need our prayers heard, money was dwindling and things were getting really scary! And just like that, he flipped a switch, and life in a very short amount of time had changed dramatically! I, typically ignore people asking me to look at a business and move on but this one time it hit me differently and I felt this nudge. I totally disregarded it but if you know Jesus, if it's of His will He will find a way to get to you. Now we insert a Facebook message and then the very next day clicking "Join Now". Really she was living my dream, so I thought, what do I have to lose it was in a private group!!!!  No one who knew me personally would know. This is where the journey begins!  

New friends, other moms, a total overhaul from where I was and I felt like a brand new woman in less than 3 months!!!!  After going through this experience I just felt like there was no way I could NOT share this with others.  I mean I finally had found a way to improve our life with an opportunity I wasn't even looking for (who would have thought), using them both as a vessel that I felt confident in from the comfort of my own home, plus I made amazing new friends and had an ongoing community of support to get me through all the good and the bad days.  I wanted to shout this from the rooftops!

Well, the best way to share your own results and help others feel the same way was to become a representative for the company.  As skeptical as I was I went ahead and did it anyway.  I became a Rep and set out to help other moms find an answer for their lives the same way that I did!  So as a stay at home mom, with a toddler and a busy 5-year-old, I began building my business from my kitchen table(wait let me be REAL honest, most days it was the floor)while they napped before they woke up, in the mornings and when they went to bed at night!   I really started with just wanting to help 1 person feel the exact same way that I did.  Honestly, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I had never really understood network marketing, using social media as a source of income and I truly had no expectations other than to just see other people feel more confident about themselves and now fall in love with the way they felt. I mean really love it! So I started small, I became a sponge to everything I could read and learn about this company and how to share about it.

I knew what was before me and I needed to be open about this and just not talk about it secretly! If that even makes sense... but if your anything like me you know what I am talking about! I quickly realized that there was an opportunity right before me to really earn a significant income and our family could definitely use it.  Kyle and I did make the sacrifices necessary so that I could stay at home with the kids.  Which meant financially no wiggle room then covid!  ZERO. NOTTA. ZILCH. So a little extra income from home would definitely allow us to have some cushion in our budget.  That was appealing to me!   So I set out to grow this business BLINDLY!  Honestly, no clue what I was doing!  Still don't! But again my mission was to help others feel the way I feel as I get further and further along in this journey!

What did I do:  Well I started with social media and even more specifically Facebook.  I shared my journey, every day I shared motivational quotes, tips, and what was changing in my daily life! I am sharing the ways that I was helping my family financially, business tips, ideas, and all those things that people ask about when it comes to living our life on a daily basis and building an online business.  I just put myself out there as a source of knowledge and willing to care and help others no matter the topic.  Before long people started coming to me for advice and help!  This is truly where the journey began.

I absolutely loved what was taking place. The mor