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Updated: Apr 29

Get ready, boo-boo. I’m about to ruffle some feathers.

Do you have a dream but feel like now it's been crushed? And not just by this WEIRD season but all the other mom things you can throw in the mix.

Yea, well I know you feel! Trust!

I have spent a lot of time these past few weeks just reflecting on where I was just 2 years ago.  I can remember clear as day wondering where I went wrong, is this really my life.

Why am I still seeking something, in my 30's?

Why is that desire still lingering?

Why do I feel so alone?

I definitely had this preconceived notion that when you decide you want to be an entrepreneur, you put in some non-consistent effort and bam your winning and living your best life! Well if that wasn't a slap in the face!

 I can honestly say that as much as I was happy to be a mom and have a beautiful little boy and one on the way, I was really going through an identity crisis. I couldn’t even look at social media without getting this huge sense of "why not me", jealousy and frustration that they were doing all the things I desired. I also battled feeling guilty for feeling that way too!  I mean who am I to be complaining about my life when I have my healthy happy son and soon little girl as blessings from God. It very much was an internal struggle for me.  

Sister, if your anything like me, the one thing I did learn about myself is that I am very much affected by my dreams and how they make me feel.  My mood, my confidence, and my energy are affected by how I feel on the inside. So when I would get into that scroll and start the comparison game it absolutely affected my ability to be a good mom and wife!  I have a feeling you might understand just how I felt?

He would tell me, " I think you need to look at this shampoo business." I, typically ignore and move on but this one time it hit me differently and I felt this nudge. I totally disregarded it but if you know Jesus, if it's of His will He will find a way. Now we insert a Facebook message and then the very next day clicking "Join Now". Really she was living my dream, so I thought, what do I have to lose!!!!  This is where the journey begins!  Fabulous hair, amazing haircare products, skincare products, new friends, other moms, a total overhaul from where I was and I felt like a brand new woman in 6 months!!!!  After going through this experience I just felt like there was no way I could NOT share this with others.  I mean I finally had found a way to improve our life and my hair, using them both as a vessel that I felt confident in from the comfort of my own home, plus I made amazing new friends and had an ongoing community of support to get me through all the good and the bad days.  I wanted to shout this from the rooftops!

Well, the best way to share your own results and help others feel the same way was to become a market partner.  As skeptical as I was I went ahead and did it anyway.  I became a Market Partner and set out to help other moms feel the same way that I did!  So as a stay at home mom, with an infant and a busy toddler, I began building my business from my kitchen table(wait let me be REAL honest, most days it was the floor)while they napped before they woke up in the morning and when they went to bed at night!   I really started with just wanting to help 1 person feel the exact same way that I did.  Honestly, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I had never heard really understood network marketing, of social media as a source of income and I truly had no expectations other than to just see other people feel more confident about themselves.  So I started small, I became a sponge to everything I could read and learn about Monat.

I invited my friends and family to join a support and accountability group and I just dabbled in this business.  I quickly realized that there was an opportunity out there to really earn a significant income and at that time our family could definitely use it.  Kyle and I did make the sacrifices necessary so that I could stay at home with the kids.  Which meant financially no wiggle room.  ZERO. NOTTA. ZILCH. So a little extra income from home would definitely allow us to have some cushion in our budget.  That was appealing to me!   So I set out to grow this business BLINDLY!  Honestly, no clue what I was doing!  But again my mission was to help others feel the way I feel as I get further and further along in this journey!

What did I do:  Well I started with social media and even more specifically Facebook.  I shared my journey, every day I shared motivational quotes, tips and the hair tips and tricks that had I have learned along the way. I shared the ways that I was helping my family financially, business tips, ideas, and all those things that people ask about when it comes to beauty and building an online business.  I just put myself out there as a source of knowledge and willing to care and help others no matter the topic.  Before long people started coming to me for advice!  This is truly where the journey began.

I absolutely loved what I was doing as a market partner. The more I meet so many amazing women, the more my customers got results, the more I was motivated to make this whole thing better, to help people get better results and to continually grow myself.

This business was also filling a part of me that needed adult interaction after being with the kids all day every day!  This business was allowing me to add value to society and to contribute financially to our family and that made me feel very good!!!   So, let's fast forward 6 months!  I had the hang of sharing about this business and now it’s onto learning the business!  I began developing systems to help train new market partners, I collected my favorite tools, videos, and resources and started teaching new market partners how to successfully do what I was doing!  To me this was just like watching my VIPs fall in love with themselves again, it was so rewarding to see the team now having success with inviting, with sharing and getting their own community of women!  I was so excited to see them earn an income as well.  The more that I saw a need the more systems, pieces of training and materials I have created to close the knowledge gap!

Let me tell you this:  I truly have done this business from my kitchen table, either before the kids wake up, during naptime or in the evening when they go to bed!  I have been able to have the best of both worlds and while I made some sacrifices personally to grow my business, I wouldn’t trade one single early morning or late night!  This business has been nothing short of a blessing in the my Family's life!

So I am sitting here today writing this blog post and my mission and goal are to help other moms that might be reading this and are interested in joining Monat as a market partner.  Maybe you want to start your hair or skin journey first and then transition into the business,  maybe you are a hair expert (whether your a stylist or at a beauty bar) and you want to inspire other women to live confidentially as you do.  Or maybe you crave to have something that allows you to step into the working world but still gives you the ability to be home and present with your kids?  Well, I truly believe without a shadow of a doubt this was my CALLING!  I didn't know it at the time. So I’m inviting YOU to join alongside us and let us teach you how we have been able to bring in extra income, replace a corporate income and many more! The first of every month we are starting a mentoring program where we personally mentor a small group of women through a closed online group, 1:1 calls, weekly team calls, and daily interactions to start laying the foundation for a successful business.

We have created a system for our team based on what Monat has created to train new market partners and our own personal experience that has proven to be extremely successful at getting each and every new market partner started right.  Our goal is to not overwhelm you with the business but to teach you how to get started, to prioritize what is most important, to manage your time, to make this work while still having preserved your family balance and to help you earn an extra income for your family or even honestly replace a salary or income from a job you would like to change!  It takes a little prioritizing, time management, and multi-tasking but you can absolutely make this business work for you! Whether it's just a few hours a week or full-time we can help you set goals that meet your lifestyle.  We have no minimum expectations and you can truly do as little or as much as you want as a market partner!  You set the pace and we match that pace with your effort!!!  We are not your Boss or Dictator but we are your mentors, friend, and guide!  The new marker partner mentoring program can be done from your home, your computer, iPad, laptop or iPhone.  If you have internet access you can build this business!  You will have access to all of my documents, scripts, guides, training videos, and myself if you join our team.  We train all of our new market partners in a small group setting and you have our word that we are involved in your training!  We want to teach you not only how to inspire others to lead a fulfilling life but how to do it with balance and with passion! I will honestly say that many people are afraid to take this leap of faith. They think it sounds like a good opportunity but most are afraid that they won’t make any money at it, that they will have to sell to their friends, or that they don’t know anybody to invite!  Trust me, I was right there with you!  I had less than 100 friends on Facebook, and I was deathly afraid of people thinking I was only out to sell them something! So I will truly share with you how I overcame that false belief and how I moved forward to all those things I once just dreamed about!

Does this sound like something you would like to do? Or maybe your not even sure yet? Let me invite you to join am informational online webinar on May 5th @ 8PM.

If you already know you want to give this a whirl and would like more information about becoming a market partner then please complete the application below and I will contact you personally in the next 24 hours about your application! We only accept a limited number of new market partners so please don’t wait on this sister, it doesn't mean you're committed. It just says let's chat and see if it's right for you!

Other ways to gather more information:  I will be running a 3 day behind the scenes look into my business starting back in May if you would like to know more about becoming a market partner on our team!  You can ask questions in a closed group, you can get answers about what it means to be a Monat Market Partner and I will provide information to you on different topics throughout the week to help you make a more educated decision on joining.  Please email me at tommienichole413@gmail.com if you would like to participate in the “Behind the Scenes” group.

I look forward to hearing from you and if we both feel we are a match then having you as the newest sister-friend of the team.  We are no doubt a great family, and we have an excellent track record of providing quality service, support, and training to everyone that joins our team!  You definitely will not be left out there to figure it out on your own!  We are committed to continually improving our customer service to provide you with the best support and mentoring possible!

Fill out the Application here.

A quick look at Monat: https://youtu.be/6WDEHDQxk1E

Let's connect - I want to get to know you! You can find me on Facebook or on Instagram.! Or better yet leave me a comment below on what you're looking for? I would love to help you any way I possibly can?

Stay Fabulous,

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