Calabasas Breeze - Giving Back

Updated: Nov 13

Giving is a big deal to me! It gives me so much JOY. I have always wanted to be a part of something that made a difference in people's lives.

I started with Topanga Scents in August of 2020 and a give-back program was not even on the radar, however after meeting the owners and seeing their hearts to help people. I mean they chose to take Topanga Scents direct sales to help people like you and me! I knew it would be within the company at some point! I had no idea this soon... we are releasing more of the Calabasas line on October 1st. This is so exciting for the #teamcorriefoundation and those who are in a battle with cancer. Again a portion of every bottle sold goes to the #teamcorrie foundation to help give scholarships to those battling cancer and can't afford the care. That's a big deal!

Calabasas Breeze- Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Calabasas Breeze is a unique blend of sweet, fruity pear combined with a hint of zesty citrus and notes of juniper that will transport you directly to coastal California!

Calabasas Breeze - Detergent
Calabasas Breeze - Fabric Spray
Calabasas Breeze - Goat Milk Soap/Lotion

$1.00 for each bottle sold will be donated to the #TeamCorrie Cancer Foundation. Read more about the foundation here:

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