Creating A Business Based On Community, Gratitude, Culture & Income

Updated: Jan 6

Ok, sister from another mister, let me just straight talk you.

It’s this idea of building a business and creating a brand.  I mean if you have been in the entrepreneur world for even a minute these days, this is breathed down your neck before you can claim, " I am going to do this!" But actually I am going at it like this, creating a business and brand that is based on community, gratitude, culture, and income. 

EEEhhhhhmmmm, not just INCOME! 

Just under two years ago when I started this shampoo business with Monat- I started it because I fell in love with what the products were doing for my hair. I mean after that greasy mess for 35 years, I was in it to win it! And might I add the community was

AH-mazing!   I thrived in an environment where other women were encouraging one another, posting their daily struggles, sharing wins or tips, motivational quotes, and their own hair results.  BOMB DOT COM... is that even a saying anymore!

As a mom of a 3-year-old and a one on the way at the time, I spent a lot of time cooped up in the house living the not so glamorous mom life.  For real, like the cows and the dogs could only carry so much entertainment. I craved adult interaction but I had a really hard time with my oldest KJ.  He was a human wrecking ball and every outing was a disaster, literally every time we left the house it was a production and quite honestly it was just easier to stay home. 

I was struggling with feeling alone BIG TIME!  I lacked some serious confidence and I was not doing very well emotionally.  So when Monat came into my life it was like the ABSOLUTE perfect timing.  I truly thought that you HAD to have wads, gobs, and bookoos of money to have fabulous shiny, flowy hair that you didn't have to wash every day! I didn’t have any idea of how to achieve the results that I wanted.  Monat was my HAIR CARE SOLUTION that worked for me.  Simple, a shampoo that fixed all my hair woes just by washing it, something I was already doing with obviously a crappy shampoo (facepalm). The icing on the cake was the supportive community. 

I followed the method, asked questions and engaged in the group I was a part of.  Guess what… I got results!  I was dedicated, consistent and hell-bent on it because nothing else had ever worked! My results show it and I was naturally sharing that with EVERYONE that I talked to! I am a walking billboard for this shampoo and I believed in it, with everything I have. The transition was so natural. I created my brand based on new moms- moms who wanted to feel beautiful without having to wash their hair every day and also women who wanted to learn just how to have our most fabulous hair.  Even when I start to write about it, I start to get excited because I love teaching other people so much about feeling beautiful all because we changed our shampoo.

How Did It Become My Business?

So haircare became my business because I started teaching people who were my friends on Facebook and followers on IG what was working for me. I would share my tutorials, tips, real-life happenings, what works and what doesn't, and the principles of having our best hair. I was also running a group to help people see what was possible for them too and I was using Monat to help them achieve the results because that worked for me, umm hello.  Why not share this goodness, with all the mommas!

The more that I poured into people, the more success that they had with their hair ( I know sounds so weird even typing it) the more that they referred their friends and family to me and the more my network began to grow.  Did I mention I FLIPPIN' LOVE WHAT I GET TO DO! It was organic growth and I blogged about EVERYTHING from how to wash your hair (yes there is a correct way) and what products to use, tips and tricks, to what not to do to your hair.

I built my business amidst the chaos of mom life and plenty of other chaotic things.  I can tell you that it wasn’t glamorous or easy but it was so rewarding to be able to earn an income doing something I love while being home with my kids. #MOMWIN It started out as a side gig and has become a part of our income over the past 2 years.  Truly incredible and blessed by the opportunity.

How Is Our Team Growing?

As my customers started to achieve results with the products I started to invite them to look at the Market Partner Community and come alongside a crew of amazing women (doesn't even tip the iceberg).  I thought about it this way, I can only help a limited number of people.  But- if I have people on the team that are also out there helping others to achieve their best hair yet we can help more people. 

People believed in what I was teaching and were sharing that naturally so it started to grow!!!  The more that I was vocal about growing a team of like-minded people the more that people joining me. I talked a lot about building a team and I also talked a lot about helping customers.  I started to create videos on how to grow a business and so the birth of my second focus of my brand which is business development was born.  I actually love teaching people how to build a business as much as I do the hair and skin side of it and truth be told maybe even a little more.

Our Tribe Has Been Born!

Over the past 2 years, we have been growing and growing!  I don't really have a name for our team yet it just hasn't come to me and we are made up of women and men of all different backgrounds.  We also have a lot of amazing leaders on our team that contribute to the growth of the organization. The one thing that I really have leaned into this year is WHO SPECIFICALLY I want on this team!

Unfortunately the ‘leaning in’ came after a pretty hurtful situation where someone in our organization was pretty dishonest.  But, I always say that out of those situations arises strength and community.  It made me get very CLEAR and VOCAL on who I want as a part of this team and what we actually stand for.

The one thing that I do NOT like about network marketing is the promise of ‘quick money’ & you don’t have to ‘work hard’ to make an income.  MALARKY! There is also a very negative connotation on network marketing that it is a ‘pyramid scheme’ and its just a bunch of ‘product pushers’.  The funny thing is that I have never felt like Monat has been a company pushing a product.  I 100% believe in what Monat stands for in their products and business.  They really do work and if your consistent and stick with it you get results.  I mean there is nothing to argue there… it’s quality products that have proven themselves to work. Of course, you have to purchase the product to be a part of the services offered which is the same as going to a salon or Ulta.  You can’t walk in and get a blowout unless you pay.  Same here!

So Who Do We want On The Team?  What Are Our Values?

If you are looking for a team to join I want to be VERY CLEAR ABOUT our TEAM, our mission, and culture.  I do not want you to join the team expecting to be a millionaire in the first year. I also do not want the promise of striking it rich to be the reason you join us.  The PURPOSE of becoming a market partner on our team is because you see the opportunity to help other people achieve a fulfilling life. You want to inspire others to make the change and you know that you are going to have to actively put yourself out there to create traction and momentum in your business.  You are not afraid to do the hard work because you believe in the work.  You don’t feel like you are selling but you feel like you are sharing the secret to living your best life.

You know that your INCOME is a product of the lives that you CHANGE/IMPACT.

You have a deep sense of COMMUNITY and you are someone that can be TRUSTED!  You are someone that cares about being a part of a culture that works together. There is no EGO and we lift each other up. There is NO ROOM FOR GOSSIP or any of that stuff that women sometimes do in the workplace. We ain't got time for that.

We work for a CAUSE!  We are women that band together if someone is in need and we will wrap our arms around you no matter what.

So if you are looking to join a team that is going to support you, that is going to lead by example and practice what they preach…. we are YOUR TEAM!!!

We are not going to tell you what to and then not do it! We are going to lead by example right alongside you.

BUT…. I want to STRESS that it is work!!!  It is not all rah-rah-rah, because changing sometimes mindset is work but its the most rewarding WORK you can do! LITERALLY!

If you do your job and you do it well, then you will be financially rewarded.  While I can’t guarantee any level of income-I know what is possible and I know what you can achieve if you want a different income for you and your family.

If you want to build a business then I am your GIRL and I will teach you everything that I have done to build my business from launching my business, growing my Facebook from <100 people to over 7k followers!  I will also share with you how to Instagram, Instastories, share not sell and invite others to join you on this ride of a lifetime!  Our team works together to run monthly training where you get 1:1 and small group support in helping you reach your goals.

Whether you want an extra hundred dollars a month or you want to go all-in and really make this business a full-time income we can teach you how.  It will take you taking ACTION but if you are ready to join then now is the time.  I want to know more about my story… listen to this!  

You have two options:

 If you want more information we are hosting a 3 Day Behind The Scenes Virtual Event on Facebook. It starts on January 9th @ 9 am and you don't have to be live. Here is the group to join:  JOIN HERE 

If you are ready to join and would like to be considered for my January Training please go here and share some information about you and I will be in touch within 24 hours. I will personally mentor and support you in your business and hair journey if both feel its a great for you.

You can also get a peek into Monat here.

Stay fabulous, babe!