Got Your MONAT Products Now What?

Updated: Apr 14

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To maximize your Monat experience, be sure to use it properly, you will be so much happier.  First, take a “before” picture and if you would send it to me so we can track your progress! I love to see your results and be a part of your journey!!

If you need help selecting what is best for your hair (very basic), check it this out!

The basic information about Monat Products:

Monat is VERY concentrated. It contains 40% reverse osmosis filtered water, while the products you are used to using contain 80% tap water.  Therefore, it is very concentrated and you will need to use a LOT less than other products.  So, you’ll want to use a dime, nickel, or quarter-size amount of the product, based on the length of your hair.  (I find that I need a nickel-size amount with my first wash (for medium length hair) and dime-size amount with my second wash.)

How to use Monat shampoo properly:

Rinse hair very well with warm water. With Monat, you will lather, rest, rinse, repeat.  Start by emulsifying till white in your hands, best results. What that means is,

First wash:

Work the dime/nickel/quarter-sized dollop into a lather into your hands with water. Work the product well into the hair, from scalp to ends, squishing the soap into your ends is great and easy on your locks.  NOTE: You may not get suds on your first wash because Monat doesn’t contain sulfates.  This is totally normal and is okay, the product is still working.  The first wash is all about loosening up any buildup & dirt. The 2nd wash is about actually cleaning, moisturizing, & healing your hair & scalp. Let sit in your hair 1-2 minutes. Rinse very well with warm water.

Second wash:

Complete directions as above (work into a lather in hands, work into hair and scalp, rest 1-2 mins, rinse).  You will probably get much better suds this wash.

Directions for the Conditioner

* Use a dime or nickel-sized drop depending on hair length. If you have shoulder length or fine hair, use a dime-size drop. Longer or thicker, use a quarter.

* Remember this conditioner is like no other. It will NOT weigh your hair down.

* Massage into scalp(fine, thin or oily hair I recommend not putting on the scalp but really it's trial and error & all throughout the rest of the hair through the ends.

* Rinse well. Style using only MONAT Styling products for the best results.

Directions for the Restore Leave-In Conditioner

* Wring out and towel dry your hair.

* Apply 2-3 pumps of leave-in conditioner to your hands, and then apply to your hair from mid-shaft (approximately at the ears) down, concentrating on the ends.

Note: if your hair tends to be frizzy, mix in a few drops of Rejuveniqe Oil with conditioner before applying for extra sleekness and control.

Directions for the Conditioning Masque

* This product is loaded with proteins, so use it only every 4-5 washes.  Most people love the moisture it provides their hair, but should your hair becomes dry using it, discontinue use.

* Apply generously to wet hair and let sit 5-10 minutes. Mix with a few drops of REJUVENIQUE oil for optimal conditioning. Always rinse very well.

* Blow dry your hair after using the masque for the silkiest, softest hair you’ve ever experienced. You won’t be able to keep your hands out of it!

How to Use Rejuvenique Oil

For Overnight Oil treatment (which helps to balance scalp oils, nourish the scalp, and control oiliness.)

Get a few drops on your fingertips and massage into scalp thoroughly, use as much oil as necessary, but remember that a few drops goes a long way.  (You can also do this in hair to control hair oiliness.)Leave on for several hours or overnight, if you can.  (I suggest putting a towel over your pillow.  Mine didn’t get greasy at all, but your hair will be more oily than usual.)Rinse hair very well with warm water and follow wash directions as above.

Other uses for Rejuveniqe Oil

* Add a drop to your conditioner for extra conditioning and shine.

* Rub a drop on your fingertips and apply to the ends of your hair before drying.

* Rub a few drops between your palms until warm them lightly run hands over your dry hair to add shine and control flyaways.

* Apply 2-3 drops to your scalp 15 minutes before showering to increase hair growth and help restore balance to your scalp oils. ALWAYS rinse very very well before washing.

** Styling Products — For the products that indicate to shake the product on the bottle, shake well before each use. They are loaded with essential oils & Capixyl. These settles when allowed to sit. Shake. Shake. Shake.

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I hope this gives you all the clean feelz! Ready for your most fabulous hair yet take this Healthy Hair Quiz. Protect Your Locks & Complete Your Look With These Exciting Products but first, need to better understand how it works... I got you covered here!! xo,

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