Greasy Hair, Gardening and Moments of Doubt

Moments of Doubt

Let’s just chat real quick. I probably have some sawdust, a little bit dirty, and my hair is a tad bit greasy!. I’ve been working in my garden. Tiling it up and I’ve been cutting down tree limbs and took a moment to sit down and so for those who are to my page, hello and welcome! I am blessed and honored that you are here.

I don’t take it lightly promise. and I am Tommie Nichole and passionate about empowering women, moms, even younger girls just to be confident to step into their confidence and to feel beautiful because I think this day and age that with social media. It’s just so hard to just appreciate who you are and to be okay with that and so after a really dark year in 2016.

When I finally clawed my way out of it day by day I decided and made an admission that I was not gonna let any other woman feel like I did felt alone and lost and just yuck so that’s my new passion. For those who have been here a while. Hello. I’m so happy you’re here but besides gardening and cutting down tree limbs and greasy hair.

I Doubt Myself

Part of 2017 had started to creep back in and I started doubting myself as a mom to my son as a soon-to-be mom to my daughter. I think it’s scary for a little girl coming for one because I’m gonna move over just a little bit. I’m on the side of the road you’re gonna pick up my son because I’m a girl. But I have never raised a daughter and I doubt myself at some point.

Girls are totally different from boys and I’m just having these doubts just started to overwhelm me and then I just started a new journey on a business building journey incompatible or not in joint juncture wording with my husband this is my own little adventure. My husband encouraged. It is my husband who is pushing it and I just hit the floor running.