How To Best Wash Your Tie-Dye

Tie-dye is still the goat—especially the DIY kind. These vibrant, rainbow-hued creations are loads of fun, but things can go quickly go downhill if the dye bleeds onto the rest of your wardrobe. Let me dive into prevention and tie-dye mishap Rx here. Step 1: Allow Dye To Set If you’ve just tie-dyed your clothes, give it a day or two before washing. You’ll want to wait at least 24 hours so the dye has time to set.

Step 2: Wash

For the first few washes, it’s important to wash your tie-dye pieces alone. If you colored multiple pieces with similar hues at the same time, you may wash them together. If not, hand wash separately. I recommend using our Topanga Scents Detergent to keep colors brilliant. For the washing machine, select a normal setting and hot water. If handwashing, use warm or hot water. Hot water aids in removing excess dye in the first wash, making it safer to wash your items with other pieces in the future. Plus the smell of your tie-dye after Topanga... Step 3: Dry

Dry pieces on a medium heat setting or air dry. Step 4: Maintain After the first few washes, you can wash your tie-dye items with like-colors and cold water to help preserve the color. Step 5: Treat Accidental Dye Stains If dye gets on items that you didn’t mean to tie-dye (it happens!), spot treat affected areas with a stain remover. Place the stained clothing in a sink or tub filled with very hot water, 1/2 cup of ammonia, and 1/4 cup of dish detergent. Let the clothing soak in this solution for at least one hour, until the tie-dye stain begins to loosen. After the hour has passed rinse the clothing with fresh cold water. Allow the item to soak in warm water* for up to 30 minutes to allow the treatments to penetrate. Wash as normal. *For wool, cashmere, silk, lace, or delicate synthetics, use cool water.


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