How To Build A Successful Hair Care Business In The United Kingdom.

As a mom of 2 kiddos, a wife and a small-town girl with no prior social media or business background. I am successfully building a team of women who are not only living out their dreams but they are being financially compensated for it as well.  In this blog post, I am going to share with you my tips for building a successful Monat Hair Care UK Business. I have done it in the United States and I have tweaked my process over the past two years and I feel confident that if have a thriving hair care business or even just wanting to dive into hair and you want to create a business out of it, then I can help you do it.

Today just across the pond in London, England I am currently building to launch our Shampoo Team United business to anyone who is a go-getter and is excited about the opportunity to help people achieve their best self, the most beautiful hair & skin and financial goals. If you are reading this and you are interested in learning more about the opportunity please fill out the application below and I will contact you ASAP.

It is just crazy to think that just under 2 years ago I was just starting my hair care business and no clue what so ever what I was doing. I had had my 2nd baby in July of my first year and she was just another reason as to why I wanted my own thriving business.

Although, it was all a learning curve, I was committed.

I joined groups, I researched, I studied and I asked a ton of questions to learn all I could about building hair care business.

 I initially started this business because I wanted extra income to pay off debt and to be able to stay home full time. But it quickly became a mission of mine to show others how to transform their business to a level that they too could have the freedom to live out their life as they desire.

I went from a brand new market partner in 2018 to who knew nothing to climbing the business model and headed to my biggest goal in all in under two years. It blows my mind what you can achieve when you are passionate about something and you show up, give it your all and bring your A-game every single day!  Now today, we are opening up the UK to launch a new part of the business that I truly know is going to have the same impact that it had on me and my family just 2 years ago!  That makes me so excited.

What's Happening In London

We are going to be hosting an informational event to give you all the details of what being a Market Partner with Monat is all about.  Our team includes women and men who have created a six-figure income, have left full-time careers or just to be behind the chair as they desired, teach group fitness classes, are flight attendants, nurses and stay at home mommas.  We are a diverse team but our team is built on integrity, heart, trust and the fact that we genuinely love these hair care and now skincare products all the while helping others reach their fullest potential.  It doesn’t matter what age you are or where you came from all that matters is that you strive to be a positive influencer to others around you.

Join us this Saturday, October 26th at @10 AM CST for a live webinar to give you the details on what a market partner with Monat is all about.  We will cover the history of Monat, What Is a Market Partner, what does a Market Partner do, how do you earn an income, how you can share and not sell, what training and support will you get from me and more.  We will open it up for questions and answers as well.

Top Tips For Starting A Monat Business

So now that you can see we already have so many amazing things in the works for our newest team members, YOU, I want to give you the scoop on what you can expect to focus on in your business first!!

1. Produce confidence.  As a new market partner with Monat, it is important that you begin to craft your own story.  If you are just starting out with our products then we encourage you to take a before photo and complete 90 days on our products sharing your journey along the way.  Leading by example is the most important step to building a business. When others can physically see that it is working for you then they are more likely to join you! Plus more coming with this 90-day thing to help you and your hair care business explode!

2. Being Unapologetically you through social media.  Social media is the BEST way to build a business. I encourage and teach my team to use Instagram and Instastories as much as possible.  It truly is a great way to show people what this journey looks like that you are living.  You can share tutorials, daily tips, motivation, your own transformation, and you can invite people to join you and run along beside you on this journey!

3. Read personal development every single day.  I encourage all new members of our team to start with the Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.  I also encourage them to listen to audible or audiobooks, and every day fill their cup.  It’s so easy to think that business should just happen fast and that it won’t take time, energy and effort to get where you want to go.  But in reality, it truly does take a mindset, consistency, dedication, and GRIT to be a successful business owner.  Personal Development has taught me how to have that Entrepreneurial mindset for success.

4. Plug into Monat University.  As a new market partner, you have access to your back office which houses all kinds of training which will teach you everything you need to know about launching your business, how to invite, how to share and not sell, how to handle objections and the basics of social media. Plus we host team training calls every week. I do not want you to have to reinvent the wheel.  We have a systematic approach to teaching you everything you need to know to get your business started right!  If you follow my lead and you do the assignments you will succeed.  Hands down this is the best way to get your business going!

In closing, your mindset is everything!  If you believe that you can be successful if you are willing to go for it and not look back and if you have the desire to create change then you can accomplish your wildest dreams.

I would love to have you on our team if you are ready to build a business, be coachable and live life to the fullest.

I am still accepting applications for our Shampoo Team United Founding Coaches.

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