Immediate Response Hemp Oil

Q FUSE Full Spectrum Hemp

Real Hemp You Can Feel

Q FUSE is full-spectrum, water-soluble hemp oil powered by BIOSYNQ™ technology. It provides the best absorption, instant onset, and maximum benefit. It’s real hemp you can feel.*


• Promotes overall wellness*

• Calms to relieve stress*

• Supports healthy immunity*

• Boosts focus*

• Supports healthy inflammation response*

Hemp Oil
Q FUSE Full Spectrum Hemp

DIRECTIONS: 1-2 mL (1-2 droppers), or as directed by a healthcare professional. Shake before use. Refrigerate after opening. Use within 45 days of opening.


So I haven’t posted much about this but I HAVE TO SHARE THIS!
Ok, so I started my son Kameron on hemp oil. I researched like crazy! Decided it was a high quality enough and thc free that we would give it a try! No! this is not CBD. (Which is a small part of the plant) We use the ENTIRE plant. >>much more benefits<<< Kam man has been in speech therapy for 3 years and still qualified another year making it 4. He also wasn’t retaining information and falling behind. Even at kindergarten still not up to date with preschool levels and he was in preschool for three years (because of his speech therapy) so he should be way good! He also was put in an extra reading class because hes falling behind in letter sounds and reading them.
Not only all of this but he has Focus and issues baaad and has such a hard time focusing it’s unreal. We had Limited things in his diet and tried so many things to keep him off of chemically filled medication bc I refuse to go that route. So we started the hemp oil and it’s going SO INSANE well. The first couple of weeks for a push. I literally had to bribe him to death to take it but we got through it and now it’s A part of his routine.
Caleb thought I was crazy at first this summer when I had the idea and thought it wouldn’t do anything for this wild child but then he could tell when a few days had went by and Kameron had not had his hemp oil yet. And he would notice big time!
So sold my husband Caleb!
I get these messages from Kamerons‘s teacher this weekend and I could not be more happy.
Literally instant tears.
I have been SOOo worried about him. I thought he was going to have to get held back a year!! I know with everything in me it’s this hemp oil! I can tell how he is when he doesn’t have it! This has been so life changing, esp in a year full of inconsistencies and I cant wait for him to continue progress!! 85% absorption vs those other 6-10% truly does make all the difference.
Heres the bad news. Lol Guess who just ran out of hemp oil?! Pray for me! #kidding But a 4 month supply is on the way! Making sure I never run out again!
This news made my WEEK!! If you think this could help youre family, lmk and I’ll send you the information!
#quality #hemp #focus #family #plantbased #cbd

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