Hair Masques, Hair Masques & Hair Masques! Which Masque Is For Me?

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

These days there are so many hair masques available, it gets really hard to choose. Well, it really all depends on what your hair needs! MONAT has made it simple for you. Here’s a chart you can use to figure out in a snap what’s best for you!

Super Moisture Masque

Super Moisture MasqueWho needs it? Slightly dry hair Benefits: Provides light nourishing moisture treatment Formulated with: REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive & Amino Acid Complex Usage: Once or twice a week

Replenish Masque

Replenish MasqueWho needs it? Slightly dry, lightly damaged hair Benefits: Delivers light hydration and moisturization & helps minimize frizz and split ends Formulated with: REJUVENIQE™ Intensive Oil Usage: Once or twice a week

Purifying Charcoal Gelee Masque

Purifying Charcoal Gelée MasqueWho needs it? Hair with product build-up or to reboot your hair care routine Benefits: Provides a deep cleanse, absorbs impurities, gently conditions Formulated with: Activated Charcoal Blend, Coconut Oil Usage: Once or twice a week

Heavenly Hydrating Masque

Heavenly Hydrating MasqueWho needs it? Dull, lifeless, parched, thirsty hair Benefits: Delivers body, bounce, and shine, intense hydration clinically proven to last up to 72 hours Formulated with: REJUVENIQE S™, PatcH20 Usage: Once or twice a week

Hair Transformation Masque

Restructuring Hair Transformation MasqueWho needs it? Severely damaged, over-processed hair Benefits: Fixes breakage, strengthens, softens Formulated with: FIBER RESCUE™, REJUVENIQE S™ Usage: Once or twice a week or every day if hair shampooed daily and extremely damaged

I hope this helps give you some insight into what masques are best for your hair. My two favorites right now are the Heavenly Hydrating and the Hair Transformation Masques.

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