My Best Trick To Removing Any Stain in 10 Minutes

Updated: Jul 2

For Stains On Everyday Fabrics… Cotton, linen, denim, and durable synthetics like polyester COLOR-RICH STAINS: Do a disappearing act on yellow or grayish pit stains, wine spills, grass streaks, fruit, coffee, tea, and more with this little remedy kit. First I love a horsehair brush and think everyone needs one! Yes you, too!

Next, you know, a spray bottle of vinegar and water [which helps to lift stains], a spray bottle of vodka [which helps to lift lingering odors], and a quick pour of Topanga Laundry soap. Gather up your kit and keep your kit together because then whenever you go to do your stain removal—because you do your stain removal right before putting it in the washing machine—if you have your little kit together, it’s super easy and super fast.”

Pour a few drops of correct solution over the affected areas. Next, grab your horsehair brush, dip it in some hot water, and work the solution into the fabric. Allow to soak in hot water for at least five minutes or up to 30. (Tip: Add your item to a sink so that the stain is positioned directly beneath the faucet, then turn on the hot water. This will drive the formula deeper into fibers and help break up the stain.)

Finish by washing with Topanga Detergent of your choice.

OIL-BASED STAINS: Grease and oil-based stains like makeup or salad dressing can be banished with a few swipes of our vinegar & water. Run it under tepid water, then rub the horsehair brush over the area. Now massage the brush into the stains using gentle, circular motions. Just like we did for color-rich stans, allow to soak in hot water for five to 30 minutes, then wash with Topanga Detergent. Tip: Avoid machine drying fabrics if the stain is still present on the fabric. Unsure of whether your stain has lifted? Letting items air dry is your best bet, then repeat the above process as needed. Supercharge your laundry day: Here’s how to wash everyday laundry better. Tip: Dry cleaning an item with a stain can actually set the discoloration into the fabric even more. I always recommend using the stain solution and cleaning at home. Get more tips for cleaning “dry clean only” fabrics: Little Tricks To Keep Your Laundry Fresh Between Washes

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