Not All Hair Oils Are Created Equal

Updated: Mar 28

As with our skin, hair ages. It’s a fact. But you can help reverse the aging process with this little beauty right here.

How? 👇🏻

• It’s a blend of 13+ natural plant and essential oils

• Highly compatible with hair and skin

• Helps the body’s natural oils and nourishes and energizes the scalp

• Balances your scalp PH levels, which makes it perfect for all hair types (especially those with oily and dry scalps)

Other awesome facts:

• Adds volume and shine by smoothing the cuticle

• It’s silicone, vegan and cruelty-free

Healthy scalp = healthy hair!

Excess oil? Washing every day? Dry, brittle hair? Breakage around the face?

In need of a scalp reset? — The rejuveniqe oil has been critical in the health of my hair. I use the oil once a week overnight for a full hair + scalp treatment. Without going all geek out on ya it’s the only oil clinically proven to penetrate all three layers of the hair shaft. It’s able to feed nutrients right to the core which creates regrowth + overall healthier hair. Already have the oil but not sure how to an overnight treatment?

—> this is for ya too! 💕

And just like that, we are back on track. Fresh after overnight oil treatment. Blowdrying and stylin'. This oil has been consistently in my rotation from day one and the *ONE* thing everything the world needs!

You can thank me later! ;)


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