It's real! A lot of us have been through it, will go through it at some point! Momma, I know it's no fun and in fact, just really makes us feel less confident in ourselves. Or at least it did me.

To be honest, I don't even have pictures of it with my son, I refused to have any pictures taken. And with my daughter, I was ahead of the game already, thank goodness. It was nowhere near the loss I had with my son. And it was all because I changed my hair care. True story!

Good news for you! Baby #3 is on the way and I am committed to sharing every step, every phase that I can with you, and explain since I can't really show you the difference.

But first, let's chat about the basics of postpartum hair loss. You ready!

Some facts:

  1. Postpartum hair loss is completely normal. It can affect more than others. Plus you have to take into consideration your health, hair health, and what you're eating.

  2. It usually rears it's ugly face starting at 3 months PP to nine months. Also if your breastfeeding, it can be delayed!

  3. Its real name is Telogen Effluvium. The second most common form of hair loss is the excessive delayed shedding of hair that occurs 1 to 6 months following a sudden emotional or physical trauma. Such as pregnancy, loss of a loved one, a severe accident a major surgery, or even a hair transplant.

  4. Ok... listen to this. Giving birth shocks your hair back into its regular growth cycle. Normal hair growth cycle occurs in stages and when it gets disrupted for any reason, it can get stuck in a stage. In this case, once our hormones return to normal after delivery, hair follicles get shocked back into the normal growth cycle. So for example after being stuck in a phase of let's say resting all your hairs can get pushed out all at once. Hence delayed shedding, which you may notice in your shower or on your pillow.

  5. It does improve. Hormones, stress, issues with eating play a huge part in hair loss. Helloooo new baby and goodbye to a ton of hairs.

If your hair loss is to a point of concern, contact your OBGYN.

Let's talk about how to care best for your fragile hair in this season.

Tips to best help you loss:

  1. First and foremost pay attention to your situation and all things that play into it. It affects us from inside out. Also, pay attention to your nutrition and take a multivitamin.

  2. Be gentle with your hair all around. When it's wet. With your heat tools. Coloring or bleaching. Washing it the right way, yes there is a right way. I have linked other blogs to help you with this.

  3. AVOID tight hairstyles, they can put excessive pressure on already shocked follicles and can cause additional fall-out, follicle inflammation, or even secondary infections. Listen to me momma, us a scrunchie when your hair is up! Their hot topic right now anyway!

Lastly..... Monat will help! Your hair loss is inevitable after having a baby, no shampoo can make it worse. So many mommas have said the transition with postpartum as has been so much easier with MONAT, me included.

I will be updating as I go along on this baby #3 journey! So stick around!

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