Remembering Who You Are Changes The Game.

Updated: Mar 28

I started as a market partner just shy of two years ago and my husband who was so anti-Direct Sales brought this business to me. 5X I told him no! Seriously!

Who are you and where is my husband!!!

He always told me most people in those types of businesses never make it and I should help him with our real estate investing business (that I wasn't in love with)!

But he would call Monat my “hobby”… People unfriended me or stayed with me just to watch me fail (so they thought), people avoided me face to face, people stopped talking to me, even my family wouldn't respond to any messages (ghosted me) and thought I was just another one of those.

They wondered when I was going to give up yet again. When was I going to throw in the towel and finally use my degree?

The first year in it was that “another thing” that Tommie is doing! That stuff that makes your hair fall out! Ya' know those products that don't work!

I was building my business in the wee hours of the night after my kids were in bed and would get up as early as I could before they woke up, and at nap time. Any free second I got I would squeeze in a blog post, a FB post or a few invites and follow-ups. I worked my business wherever I could, the counter while prepping food, or the couch while the kids watched their favorite cartoons. I can say I had no clue what I was doing but I was so passionate about what I was doing.

My business is still not really received by my family or the locals, but when you know that you know your right where you're supposed to be. Like God almost sent it to me in a contract (ok, not really...) but he did confirm it! You keep going! Even when you are making sacrifices that others don't really accept.

That weird business where she is earning money to pay for groceries or treat herself to a spa day (which she hasn't had since before her wedding in 2013). You know that business that is giving them a little flexibility in their life so they can go out to dinner or take a family vacation or pay cash for their Christmas. And be able to give above anything she ever dreamed possible.

It was still just my part-time gig, my hobby and still, people were WAITING for me to just get a real j.o.b.

Now it's getting REAL! Doing things that I only wished for or thought to myself, "that will never happen." It's all new and unusual and still, others see it as my little fun money part-time gig I was doing!

They think I'm crazy to make so many sacrifices for it and most don't understand. They watch me stay disciplined and consistent posting my selfies, my journey, and updates. Finally, some just gave up and started accepting me the way I was. I mean at this point there was really no turning back!

It still didn’t make sense and no one really cared to understand why!

Until the day that it went from a hobby to a part-time GIG to WHAT THE HECK DID YOU JUST DO!

But, as I continued to stay grounded in our priorities, I planned smart, I shared our vision and my decisions with my family it became more normal if there is such a thing. Mind you still not really accepted. It became understood (partially) and it became our way of life.

Now, this hobby that I started at my kitchen table has become a BUSINESS that brings me joy! It’s not going anywhere and I love the fact that each day I am helping other people achieve their desires and a fulfilled life.

It’s a growth process, just like everything!

No one is going to just give you credibility right from the start. I had to prove that I wasn’t going anywhere. That I was going to add value every day, that I was practicing what I was preaching and that this was who I am and that I BELIEVED in WHAT I WAS DOING!

So don’t ever let the opinions of others get in the way of the DREAMS you are building!

Stay Fabulous,

PS: Want all my insider hair secrets? Right, this way!


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