(Shhh) Beauty Secrets Just For You

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

I got some inside scoop from some amazing women who have not only great hair, skin, and nails, but also, great personalities and were more than willing to share with each other, me (and now you!) their most secret beauty tips you might not ever hear about from magazines or websites. Read below to learn some new tricks you can now start to incorporate into your own personal beauty routine.

Avoid clumps in your mascara by running it under hot water.  Samira Radhemer says that by running your mascara wand under hot water before application makes the mascara go on smoothly and without clumps. (Interesting, I love this one... will have to give this a go.) Also I like to add my Rejuvnique oil to my mascara for a little extra nourishment.

Ditch Latisse, use castor oil instead. Caitlyn Chase credits her full eyebrows to castor oil, an inexpensive product you put on your eyebrows using a q-tip at night. Castor oil can be found in any drug store like CVS or Rite-Aid. (I didn't even know I was doing something right.)

Use eyeshadow to cover gray hairs. Sydne Summer says that in between salon color appointments, she covers her pesky gray hairs with eyeshadow, the same color as her root. (WHAT!?!?! What a nice trick!)

Purple toothpaste to whiten teeth. Dr. Roz Saedi says that using purple toothpaste can whiten teeth. Purple is opposite of yellow on the color wheel, so the purple color corrects.(Didn't even know there was such a thing.)

Use collagen powder to treat acne. Lauren Dailey cleared up her problematic skin by ingesting collagen powder every day.(Well you all know my current struggle, if you have been following me on social media.....the struggle is real!)

Put oil in your hair before you wash it. Ravayna Coe uses apricot oil as a scalp treatment before she washes her hair. (I got this one covered thanks to my favorite oil ever... that has 100 other uses.)

Red lipstick will hide dark circles. Laura Albouy says that she puts red lipstick under her concealer to cover dark circles. Dark circles are usually blue or green in tone. If you look at a primary color wheel, the exact opposite of those colors are oranges and reds. Applying a bright red color underneath your eyes actually neutralizes the color you’re hoping to cover.

(Another VERY interesting tip... I am actually scared to try this one, says the one who always has lipstick on her teeth.)

Use moisturizer to lighten up foundation. Samira Sedighan mixes moisturizer with her foundation if the shade is a little too dark, because the lotion lightens up the makeup.

(Well I will be trying this one, too!)

Do an ice facialFernanda Romero says that her grandma never had any Botox, thanks to doing ice facials daily. Ice is said to improve circulation and restrict capillaries.(WHAT!?!?!, I'm in!)

Oil for for overall health. Carly Sloane oil pulls every morning. Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic dental technique that involves swishing a tablespoon of oil in your mouth on an empty stomach for around 20 minutes. This action supposedly draws out toxins in your body, primarily to improve oral health but also to improve your overall health. (UGH!!! I have such a hard time with this, my gag reflex kicks in and I just struggle.)

Dye your eyebrows. Zia Domic says that dying her fair eyebrows saves her time because she doesn’t need to fill them in every day. ( NEED! NEED! NEED!)

Don’t wash your hair every day. Gretchen Rossi says by washing the hairless often it helps preserve the natural oils in the scalp and keeps hair well moisturized. (I think this one was my favorite.;))

HA! HA! I hope you enjoyed my humor as much as these wonderful tips!! If you have any favorite or secret tips I would love to hear them and I am sure others ladies would too!

Momma, if you need help with that last one..... I got you covered (says a recovering everyday hair washer thanks to my fabulous, time-saving, life-saving( ok, not really but kinda!) shampoo!)