Staying True To Your Purpose, Is Necessary To Your Success.

Do you have clarity in your why?

What is your driving force?

Why are you here?

Evolving and growing is a necessary part of life. Staying true to your why, your purpose, is a necessary part of having your own business.

I am going to go through a series of questions I would like for you to ask yourself. Really take the time to sit, think, and reflect. I mean, we are here to regain clarity in our why, right?

Ok, let’s do this!

First, ask yourself, if you had $10 million in the bank, would you still be doing XYZ?

Step back and really think about that. Evaluate if you would be doing the same daily activities if you had that kind of cash in your pocket. If money was no longer a contributing factor, would you still get out of bed with the same passion for what you’re doing?

Personally, I absolutely would. I love this new role I have grown into, from helping women gain that emotional balance with themselves all because we have found a remedy for their hair to mentoring the market partners on our team, so I without a doubt would keep on keepin' on! The only difference is that it would allow me to fulfill my passion on a larger scale.

Second, reflect on what is the purpose of the work you’re doing right now?

What are you working towards? Do you want freedom, abundance, travel, friendships..? What drives you to do your daily activities to move your business forward? Think about how you want to inspire other people!

Initially, I set out to help with groceries, even just a little. Then it progressed into wanting to help others get the same thing. My purpose transitioned from inspiring others to learning skills so I could best serve others.

Remember, it is ok to say the purpose of our work is not just to help others but to have a better quality of life while doing it. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make money, so long as you’re doing it the right way.

Next, think about what are you passionate about?

What lights you are fire? What fills you with excitement? DO THAT!!! 

Do you love to write? What about being creative? Do you love to teach others? What about knitting?

What you love to do needs to be your source of significant income! Reflect on how you can make that a reality.

Then, ask yourself what are my core values?

This is your secret to success.

What sets you apart? What makes you different and unique?

For me, it is having grace, integrity, a solid work ethic, and a strong appreciation for work/home life balance.

You must be aware that people will come into your life, as well as you into theirs, to serve a purpose. Not everyone will remain, but you can use your platform to help individuals gain clarity into what they truly want in life.

My purpose is to inspire others to live their best life. No matter the business, I want to inspire others to be successful and to teach them a skill set to will allow for that.

Can you see how my core values tie in heavily to my purpose?

If you are feeling unclear as to why you’re here and where you are going, take a step back and ask yourself these questions.

Finally, I want you to think where do you see yourself five years from now?

Where will you be?

Who will you be with you?

What will you be doing?

Describe how you envision your life.

After you’ve asked yourself these questions, ask yourself just one more question.

What is the one thing you can focus on right now that will bring you closer to that goal?

If you realize a goal doesn’t seem attainable, don’t simply change your goal because you know you’re going to fail. That is taking the easy way out. However, if a goal doesn’t bring you joy, change it and identify what you want and where you’re going. But don’t apologize for it.

Do not apologize for what sets your soul on fire. Gain clarity through your experiences and reflections on these questions.

A goal is always the end result. It’s about who you become in the process of that goal that leaves you with a satisfied feeling.

Remember that sometimes hitting a goal may not feel extraordinary, but who you become in the process is.

What ONE THING will you accomplish in 2020 that you are COMMITTED to staying focused on? I'd love to help you!!

Get started right this way.

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