A Mom's Testimony To Overcoming Anxiety, Depression & Defiant Behavior Disorder In Her Son.

Updated: Feb 1

Why a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach would use Q Max, Aminos, and Full-spectrum hemp for her child with anxiety, depression, and defiant behavior disorder.

(This was recorded for a private event- giveaway closed)

This is her (Tara Truax) personal testimony using Q max, Amino Acids, and Full Spectrum hemp with a child with anxiety, depression, and Defiant Behavior Disorder. This is MY personal testimony and never meant to cure, prevent, or treat any condition. Also my personal testimony on stress and financial illness.

Are you on the hunt for help, support, accountability, or maybe daily motivation? I'm back on my mission to change my family's life. I know what taking care of ourselves can do for us, and this is how I landed here. So many more testimonies just like this and I want to make an impact on others by sharing what can work for you too! I have struggled the last few months with being pregnant and energy, and no appetite and stress and........ I think you catch my drift! I needed something that would help me feel better, have energy, and less anxiety and this was my answer! I know that it's never one size fits all but I would love an opportunity to chat and share more about this with you and see if it too can help you!

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