This Or That? Topanga Scents & What's Best For You?

Updated: Mar 21

What is right for you? O'Girl if I can say anything, you really should try out being a REP with TOPANGA but…. Let me break them both down:

TOPANGA offers three different ways of purchasing products. You can pay the full retail price (who wants to do that, not this frugal momma), become a VIP customer, or go all in as a Representative. I am going to break it down the easiest and simplest way for you!

Here I will outline the benefits and expectations of becoming a TOPANGA VIP Customer versus a Representative(what I call a Rebel).


  • 25% discount on all products.

  • Free shipping on all orders over $100 USD.

  • Get first access to the flash sales which are usually 64% off or a BOGO deal.

  • Flexibility to mix and match products in every order. Always receive the items you really need monthly or bi-monthly.

  • Convenience- all your laundry & self-care comes right to your doorstep for FREE!

  • No more driving to the store! Think of the time you'll save.

  • The Ability to Upgrade to Representative…

  • And do I dare mention how much you will love the smell of your laundry and your home?


  • To become a VIP, you’ll buy your first product as a kit and get all the benefits listed above. That's it!


  • 30% discount on all products with no sales quotas.

  • A discount on the initial product pack order.

  • Free shipping on all flex ship orders over $100.

  • No flex ship commitments or requirements.

  • No inventory to manage - your customers order direct from TOPANGA.

  • Get access to the flash sales which are usually 64% off or a BOGO deal.

  • Your own a replicated website/e-commerce store for easy ordering ($2.50 Fee).

  • Access to special team Facebook groups to learn from the top salespeople in the company.

  • Earn Rank Advancement, Matching Rank Advancement Bonuses on Downline, & Consistency Bonuses.

  • A very lucrative Comp Plan.

  • Prizes and fabulous incentive trips in recognition of reaching your goals.

  • Why buy a product from big box retail when you can buy it from yourself and get paid?

  • To become a Representative, you pick one of 3 product packs! We chat over this and decide what is best for you!!


None! You can buy products for your own personal use and never do another thing. Or, you can go after your goals and earn a life-changing income. It's totally up to you. There are no auto-shipments required of Representatives.

There's a 30-day money-back guarantee on all products, whether VIP or Representative! What do you have to lose?

Really, nothing!

Ready to take the next step? Fill out this form here to see if we are a fit to work together to impact lives!


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