Can Convention Change Your Business -Topanga Scents First Ever Convention 2021

Updated: Jun 28

It happened... finally! I attended Topanga Scents' first-ever convention. I started in August 2020 with Topanga Scents and by November 2020 I had worked my tail end off and landed within the top of the company.

For me, I needed the income and was desperate, God had opened this door and I ran with it!

This year at the convention I sat in the middle of the room and soaked up every single nugget of information that was shared. I can remember thinking to myself, “If they can do it, why can’t I.” I started to dream a little bigger and set some stretch goals for myself like ending 2021 at the TOP of the company. I had no idea what I am doing selling laundry detergent but I have the drive, the determination, and the willingness to never give up that has helped me to push past all the barriers. Some of my barriers were that I didn’t have a clue about promoting a laundry detergent, I am going through a big life transition, I didn’t have a lot of support and a lot of people thought that I would fail. And some still do! I did not let that stop me. Through personal development, which means that I read a lot of books on confidence, building a business, and leadership I developed the skills and I practice every day to create momentum in my business.

I did the daily activities that are not sexy, not pretty and quite honestly are easy NOT to do because I believed in the Compound Effect. (NOTE:: A Must Read!) I knew that the choices that I made every single day would not be pretty in the moment but they would end up being the defining factors in my future success. I would repeat to myself over and over, “Delay instant gratification for long-term success.” Head down, blinders on, this is my own race, and get to work! In 2020 I went from broke to 2 away from the tippy-top of the company. I had very little support, I was raising 2 small children at home while my husband worked long hours and I was working in the pockets of free time that I had. This year, I set the goal to go for the Top! I am overwhelmed with gratitude that I literally have this opportunity right at my fingertips. It just goes to show that it doesn’t matter your experience or background. You can achieve anything that you want if you put your heart and soul into it.

What Does It Mean To Be At The Top? Being at the top does not mean that I sell the MOST product or sign up the most coaches. Being at the top is determined by a number of benchmarks such as:

  • How much volume your current team produce

  • How many of your personally sponsored reps in the current and previous year hit qualifications

  • How many reps you advance in the leadership ladder and through the ranks of Peak which shows leadership development and growth.

Being at the top is not determined by the size of your organization, how much money you make, or how long you have been in business. Being at the top has everything to do with leading your team, duplicating success, and helping others to achieve their own personal goals. There is also no “I” in team. We are in this together and it has everything to do with what our team does and not what I do personally! This is truly a team effort! I am focused on creating a system of duplication, on empowering the leaders to spread their wings and grow their own leadership skills. I will be completely honest that I never in a million years expected that this was my gift from God. I didn’t realize that my talent would be to serve others in a network marketing company called Topanga Scents. I am so glad that I was open to the possibilities a year ago when I said yes to run my own online vendor event and I’m so glad that I followed the butterflies in my stomach and became a rep in August of 2020 with no money! I swear it is always those choices that you make that you don’t realize are going to be the game changers in life.

Today I sit here, the kids are watching cartoons, the baby is rolling on her blanket and I am well on my way to fulfilling a lifelong dream! I get to dictate my own schedule, I get to work towards financial freedom, I get to travel, spend quality time together, and live life on my own terms. All because I chose to live a life that looks different than most and are not willing to do! Ditched the instant gratification. The sacrifices I made were great. I skipped sleep, I made the choice to work vs relax. I chose to do the hard work when most people were taking time off. But in just a year the life I have created and the money I have saved will be a blessing for the rest of our lives. So when I say I worked hard, I truly did! This business isn’t easy, but it is absolutely achievable for ANYONE who has the vision, the GRIT, the determination, and perseverance to reach their own goals and dreams. I really am here to share my convention experience this past week.

Topanga Scents Convention 2021 El Dorado, AR.

I just returned home from Topanga Scents 2021 El Dorado, Ar. I was a selectee for presenting this year. This was an absolutely mind-blowing, opportunity for me. I actually cried as I walked out of the room after it was all said and done. I was filled with gratitude for what God had blessed me with in life. He put me on that stage as a voice of hope, inspiration, and motivation for others and I was not going to take that lightly. I shared a pretty vulnerable message to the network about the fact that everything in life starts with a decision. We are all going to be faced with obstacles and roadblocks but we have a decision as to whether we are going to rise up and overcome or become a victim of the circumstance. You can read more about my speech and listen to it here:

The training at the convention was incredible and I can say that I am just beyond fired up for all the new product launches to come! Topanga Scents never ceases to amaze me with their product development, their innovations, and their future plans for the company!

For 2 1/2 days we get to hear from some of the best, hear about new launches, and just soak up all the motivated women! Plus we attend training with Keynote Speakers and Top Leaders to help advance our business and leadership skills. It is truly the event of the year and if you are a rep or thinking about joining us you most definitely need to be at the convention 2022. Will you join me as a new member of the Team????

Next up, is the highlight of the weekend! The Friday night Celebration! Friday night was what we call the Gala:

The celebration is like the Grammy Awards of Topanga Scents. It’s an awesome evening of awards, recognition, and celebration. Top representatives are recognized and the evening is closed out with celebrating each other. Final Thoughts: I want to close out by just saying a few words about our team. We are a team that leads with heart, integrity, with, our customers and business together. We run challenges and help others to achieve their goals and fulfilling lives and then we help you create a business that will bless your family and your life for years to come. We are committed to constantly growing in leadership and skills. We work together and we learn from our mistakes. We are not afraid to admit when we are wrong and we have very strong morals and values. We strive to always do what is right no matter what everyone else might be doing. I am committed to excellence. I am committed to growing in leadership and inspiring others to dream big. I know that I have had an incredible run already as a Topanga Rep and no matter how big my organization gets I will never ever forget where I started and where I am going. I am getting ready to launch my next TOPANGA SCENTS INFO GROUP This will begin on the 29th JULY. I am looking for 25 motivated women who are:

  • Hardworking, self-motivated, and coachable!

  • Who are obsessed with creating a life of freedom!

  • Who love personal development and are committed to growing forward.