Your Fall Cleaning How-To - Washer/Dryer Style

The Washer

STEP 1: Run It Empty your machine. Then, add ½ cup Vinegar, 2 capfuls of Multi-Purpose Cleaner to the machine dispenser, and run your machine with hot water for a long load.

STEP 2: Finishing Touch Wipe down your fabric softener and bleach dispensers with a wet cloth or by spritzing with Multi-purpose Cleaner. The Dryer

Gather These Tools:

Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth and Multi-purpose Cleaner

STEP 1: Lose the Lint The dryer drum collects lint which can leave fuzzy stuff behind on your clean clothing and affect the efficiency of the dryer over time. To beat the fuzz, wipe down the inside of the dryer regularly with a Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth dampened with a mixture of a capful of Multi-purpose cleaner and 1 liter of water. STEP 2: Don't Forget Your Filter Remember to clean the dryer filter after each use as a clogged filter can restrict airflow and reduce your dryer’s performance. It’s also a fire hazard. We recommend following these steps every month to every other month to keep things extra clean. xo,

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