Your Mindset Determines Your Success

Have you ever felt like everything in your life just kept going in the wrong direction? I mean you take two steps forward and without fail 15 backward.

I knew this girl who wanted so badly change her life and the path it was headed on. She had attended college 4x, dropping out each time to finally finish her degree online because she was told it was the only way to make a good living... was to have a degree.

SHE BELIEVED IT! She forced her way through and finally finished with a Bachelor's degree and about $80K in school loans. You would think she was a doctor. Even though she had her degree and was working in corporate America, she was miserable. She dreamed of freedom, she dreamed of a life that she was led to believe was not possible. She was led to believe she could not have her dream and that she must work for someone to even be able to make it. She let that keep her caged in an office with no window and feeling as though her wings had been clipped.

Everything rises and falls on mindset. Whether you think you can or you can not- you are right.  I will never forget my first Monations. It was in September 2018, I wasn't even one year into being a Market Partner and I got on a plane from Oklahoma City, OK to Washington D.C to attend the annual conference.  Let me add with a 2-month old baby. I was terrified and I had absolutely no idea what to expect and I can tell you that I was blown away by the magnitude of the event.  The people, the keynote speakers, & the energy of everyone around me was unbelievable.  I loved every minute of the conference.  I was meeting people in person for the first time that I had become friends with through Facebook & Instagram.  I knew I had to make goals for myself for the upcoming event. Therefore, I came to monations that year to get clarity in my vision and to refine my goals.

It was when one of the keynote speakers shared her story that I had my biggest ah-ha moment. I listened to our top earner share her success story.  She was an average, ordinary and normal woman who had achieved extraordinary accomplishments.  As she told his story I started to think to myself, WHY NOT ME!!!  If she can do this, SO CAN I!

It was on the plane back to Oklahoma that I started organizing my notes and creating an action plan for how I was going to be on that stage the following year sharing my own personal success story!  I was about to take those things on my GOAL board and MAKE THEM A REALITY!

In the past 20 months, I’ve learned a lot of valuable life lessons.  I actually believe that the basics of building a Monat business are pretty easy.  Inviting, following up, posting on social media… those things are NOT hard.  What actually is the MOST challenging is the stories that we tell ourselves as to whether we can or cannot be successful.  Everything rises and falls on mindset.  So in my story above I didn't share that, that girl was me. I finally stepped out and pursued my desires but it was hard and I failed many times until I finally had to get ahold of my top mindset traps that I fell into that prevented me from reaching my dream. So let me share those with you now!

First Trap: How many of you have ever said to yourself, I can’t be successful, fulfilled or happy until…

-I achieve a certain rank

-Income level

-Team size

-Tippy Top of the company

Success happens every single step of the way. You do not become that person without walking through all the things that make you who you are at that moment.

Second Trap: I can’t be successful until I have all the answers.

Listen, the best thought out plans will ALWAYS surprise you. Your business will not come with an owners manual just like children, but if you begin to shift your perspective to:

I will find my opportunity within every obstacle.

Then, you will start seeing the roadblocks not as failures but as learning opportunities.  Everything that I have learned in my business has actually come out of the mistakes I have made along the way.  Everything in your life and business is figureoutable.  Be less concerned about perfection and more concerned about the actions that you take.  Progress over perfection is the only way you get to where you want to be.

Third Trap: I need someone to motivate me!

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people say to me, “I need someone to motivate me or I’m just not that motivated!”

Let me be real clear with you, It is YOUR  job to motivate yourself!  If you can't motivate yourself to change something that your not happy with no one else can do it for you! As a market partner and as someone on their own journey I constantly had to find what kept me motivated even on those weeks when my paycheck was a BIG FAT GOOSE EGG.  At first, it was purely to make a little extra to give me some spending money.  But, when I reached that goal I found a new goal to fix my sights on. My journey became less about a number in the bank account but more about helping others, showing them what was possible and being my best self. 

I still to this day have to make sure that I am constantly challenging myself and leveling up my mindset and leadership.

What brings me JOY and what gives me fulfillment are the things that I focus on.  If you find yourself stuck or less than motivated ask yourself what does this goal means to me? What is the significance of the “work” that I am doing and how do I make sure that continue to grow through the daily challenges.

Just like a muscle, motivation does not come easy, it takes a lot of hard work. I stay motivated through listening to podcasts, reading personal development and surrounding myself with those that are just a few steps ahead of me in their careers.

Get clear on what drives you:

-What do you love about what you do?

-Spend time each day reflecting on your goals and asking yourself if this is truly what you want and why you want those things.

-Take action daily, because the only way you figure things out is through taking action.

Fourth Trap: We become so focused on the income, sometimes we forget our main job is to make an impact. 

People are my focus and I know when I serve, and serve well, and serve with integrity and heart: I know opportunities will always present themselves that create income.

Are you so focused on the sale that you forget about the relationship?  As a Market Partner, anytime I was focused just on the #s I found that I actually had a harder time than when I was just adding value to the lives of others.  Each day ask yourself, “What do your people need from you? What can I teach, inspire or motivate those that follow me with?” Lead with that perspective and the rest truly does fall into place.

Fifth Trap: The Leadership Trap

You are ALL leaders. Right now, exactly as you are!

Leadership is not defined by a title, Leadership is defined by your actions each and every day! Truly, leadership is about integrity, heart, discipline, consistency, the way you show up, grow, and handle adversity. You can do that right now and every single day in your life. The way that you use your obstacles as a catalyst for growth will always inspire others to do the same.  Even when you think that no one is watching, you will be shocked at who is on the sidelines observing your every move. Trust me on this one!

In closing, let me share how I end each and every day of my business.  I focus on my IMPACT SCORE!

In the morning, I write out what I’m grateful for, I set my intentions for the day and the ways I plan to make a positive impact.  I think about how I want my day to go. I have my daily affirmations, I start my day right.

But above all, before I go to bed, I take out my journal and think “did I make an impact today?” I write out the small daily actions I took that helped someone else take steps towards living up to their fullest potential.

I helped someone get started on their new hair transformation.

I helped a new team member to make their first sale.

My client's hair for the first time felt soft and was controllable ect….

Focus on the “wins” so that when you do have challenges/setbacks you can come back to these pages and be reminded that each and every day you are taking steps towards your future self!

Friends, building a business isn’t easy and I won’t ever sugar coat it!  But I can tell you that every single day is a blessing and all the hard work is worth it!  To live the life you get to design doing what you love, that is priceless!


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